Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tagging Your Etsy Items

     Tagging is a way to supply the Etsy Search Engine with the words that will lead people to your products. They are important! But you have a very limited amount to use for each listing. Today I am blogging about a blog that was about a discussion thread. lol I love it!
     The name of the blog post is Community Advice: Tagging Woes. It was written by Etsian daniellexo. It, too, points people towards Craftopolis. "Craftopolis will tell you exactly which of your tags brought in the views," says Etsy username AndersonBraid. So I'm glad to hear someone else suggest that, it just cements it in my mind as a useful tool to learn. (Something I still need to do.)
     Another tool mentioned in this blog article is Google AdWords. This VERY useful video for Etsy sellers talks about using AdWords as well as some other extremely helpful tips about Search Engine Optimization. It talks about everything I've blogged about so far, actually! Hey, I don't know about you, but repetition helps me learn. :)

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