Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Bring You Up to Speed...

December 2010: "Here's a thought: I have no job so can finally dedicate time to sell my crafts on Etsy!"

January 2011: "Hey, Becca! Let's work together and make some things to sell on Etsy!" -Heather "Okay, Heather! Let's do it!" -Becca

February 4th: My Etsy shop called Things to Make you Squeal with Delight was created, but I had no products to list yet.

March 10th: The first products (Knit Earring Displays) were put up for sale!

As of today:

  • Number of Knit Earring Displays listed for sale: 6.
  • Number of sales: 0.
  • Shop Hearts: 5 (most of them friends tho).
  • Highest amount of views on an item: 87.
  • Lowest amount of views on an item: 23.
  • Level of ambivalence: 100%.

I just so happened to be exploring Etsy and I stumbled into an online information chat session for beginners. Score! Here is the list of things I need to do to help my store which I gleaned from that session:


Learn About Shipping:

Get Involved in the Etsy Community:

Learn about Search Engine Optimization:

And last but not least: LEARN ABOUT BLOGGING!

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