Friday, May 6, 2011

Small Ceramic Box by SquealWithDelight on Etsy

Small Ceramic Box by SquealWithDelight on Etsy

So a new addition to my shop is a line of ceramic ware that I made last year. I have about 15 of these ceramic boxes left of the 20 I made for a piece called Compartmentalization. Here's a picture!

     I will be selling these boxes separately for $10 each.
     And to top it off, as I have learned is the best practice on Etsy, I will not be listing them all at the exact same time! I will either list one or two in a day at peek hours (times when people are out of work). A bit of advice, when listing a couple items a day, do one of the following:
     ~List them an hour or more apart or
     ~You could list two items one right after another if they are going to be put into two different categories (ie one in ceramics, the other in jewelry).

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