Monday, May 9, 2011

Small Ceramic Box by SquealWithDelight on Etsy

Small Ceramic Box by SquealWithDelight on Etsy

Small, Porcelain Ceramic Box #15

1.75" long / 1.375" wide / 1.375" tall

Created in Spring of 2010

This unique little box was hand-formed using a porcelain clay body. First, I formed a solid rectangle out of the clay and let it stiffen a little; then, I hollowed out the box with a wire tool. The clay which was carved from the inside of the box was then shaped into the lid. The box was then bisqued, rubbed with a copper carbonate wash, and finally low fired to cone 04. The porcelain maintains it's beautiful, pure white and the fired copper carbonate goes from light brown to black, matte to metallic. It is stamped with the number 15 in the corner of the lid.

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